Rugh Financial provides comprehensive services that can be catered to the unique situation and needs of the individual client. Services are provided in the following areas:

Financial Planning

Our financial planning process is establishing an advisor-client relationship, identifying your goals and dreams, analyzing and evaluating your situation, developing the most appropriate planning recommendations to meet your goals, implementing the recommendations, and monitoring the plan to keep you on track.

Investment Management

We offer investment management solutions based on your risk tolerance, time horizon, preferences, and need to take risk (based on your goals). We design a customized portfolio to achieve your goals, using a sound, academically proven investment philosophy. An investment policy statement (IPS) governs the ongoing management of your portfolio.

Retirement Planning “Financial Independence”

Your goals, current situation, and other factors will be analyzed and a realistic projection will be developed. You will learn what adjustments may be needed to become financially independent or remain so. It is much more common than not that individuals have no idea if they are on track to meeting their retirement needs. The knowledge of where you are and what you need to do to achieve your financial independence is very powerful.

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential part of any sound financial plan. That said, insurance should only be used to the degree necessary to achieve ones financial goals. Your life, health, disability, property, liability and other insurance will be evaluated to identify any gaps in your protection.

Tax Planning

Taxes are always a consideration in all steps of the financial planning process. Wherever possible, tax reduction will be used to assist in the growth of personal assets. But, it is essential to reduce taxes in an efficient manner. Many tax reduction strategies ultimately are costly and adversely affect the ultimate goal of growing assets. This is why Rugh Financial believes that all tax saving strategies should be reviewed within the context of the unique financial plan.

Estate Planning

The aim in estate planning is to ensure your wishes are respected concerning the distribution of your assets, the guardianship of minor children, etc., with the least possible cost and court intervention. We can assist in the process of working with an estate planning attorney to create an estate plan that is part of your overall financial plan.

Special situations concerns such as education funding, home purchase analysis, retirement plan distributions, divorce, death of a spouse, starting a business, etc. are addressed.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is designed to familiarize you with our services and help us understand your unique financial concerns.  We will also discuss specific information about our financial planning process and fees.  There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Goals for Our Time Together:

We will learn about you, your goals and interests; and what you want out of an advisory relationship.

You will learn about us, our definition of financial planning and asset management and what that will mean if we are to work together.

After the initial consultation the following is a list of “what to bring” to engage in the financial planning process:

  • Bank Statements
  • Investment Statements
  • Pay Stubs
  • List of Assets
  • List of Liabilities (Credit Card, Car Loan, Mortgage, etc.)
  • Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxy or Other Powers of Attorney
  • Retirement Account Statements
  • Social Security Statements
  • Pension Benefit Statements
  • Stock Options
  • Life, Disability or Long-term Care Insurance Policies
  • Tax Return


As an independent registered investment advisor, Rugh Financial is not compensated by directing individuals to specific investment products. We are a fee-only financial planning service. This is an appropriate model for the client since we are not compensated or influenced by third-party interests. Instead Rugh Financial is free to recommend what is most appropriate for the client from a much larger group of investment options. Our compensation schedule is simple for the purpose of maximizing transparency.
Compensation schedule is as follows:

Initial Consultation

There is no charge for the initial consultation since this meeting is to get acquainted and to determine if or what services provided by Rugh Financial are appropriate for the prospective client.

Financial Planning

A set fee or hourly rate is charged for financial planning services depending on the scope of the planning required. All fees or charges are determined and agreed upon before service is rendered. Hourly fees are not charged for clients whose investments are managed by Rugh Financial within the regular scope of the financial planning process.

Investment Management

Assets under management:                              Annual Fee (charged quarterly):

Up to $1 Million                                                   1%

For the next $2 MIllion                                       .75%

For amounts that exceed $3 Million                   .50%

Financial Consultation

There is no charge for continuous regular financial consultations when individuals hold assets under management. More extensive consultation requests will be charged on an hourly or set fee basis. These a la carte fees will only be charged if specifically identified and agreed upon by client and advisor before the service is provided.

As an independent, fee-only investment management firm, Rugh Financial is compensated solely by its clients. Rugh Financial does not accept or pay referral fees or other benefits regarding its recommendation of financial products, nor does Rugh Financial participate in ‘soft-dollar’ programs. This approach means that whether designing investment portfolios or recommending other financial specialists, our only concern is whether a particular choice best serves your long-term needs.

The above fee structure is only meant as a general guide to the way fees are charged by Rugh Financial. The endorsed contract between Rugh Financial and the client is what the client should refer to in order to determine the specific fees charged and agreed upon between client and Rugh Financial.

There may be additional fees charged by third parties such as clearing costs for account maintenance and investment trading costs that are charged by investment companies and third party banking institutions where client funds are held. Our philosophy is to minimize transaction and maintenance costs wherever possible to maximize the returns for our clients. Standard fees charged by third parties can and will be disclosed whenever requested by the client.

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